Prevent slips, trips and falls

Keep your floors clear of anything that may cause tripping.  Pick up hazards such as toys, shoes, cords and magazines.

Clean up spills right away.

Repair any stairs that are cracked or worn.

Be sure your handrails are in good condition and securely attached.

Eliminate rugs, or if there are rugs in your home, use nonskid mats and throw rugs.

When carrying large or heavy loads, make sure you can see where you are going.  Ask for help if you need it.

Keep your home well lit so you can see where you are walking at night.  Place night lights in dark hallways and bathroom.

Don’t use chairs or tables as makeshift ladders.

Wear shoes with nonskid soles or wear non-skid slippers instead of going bare-foot or wearing socks.

Place non-skid strips on tub/shower floors.

Have grab bars installed in tub/showers and by the toilet.

Watch out for your pets and their toys.

Some medicines can cause dizziness.  Check their labels.

Be sure your eye glasses are the proper prescription.

Check your decks and patios for pits, and uneven surfaces.

Teach your children and other family members about the dangers of falling and how to stay safe.

Home Safety  (from USDA’s Help Yourself to a Healthy Home)