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5 Point Promise
5 Point Promise
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Our comprehensive approach assures you that we bring a level of professionalism.  With more than 32 years of experience, we’ve found that the following process best serves our clients’ needs:

  • We will review the information you submit through our Contact Form and will call you. You will be asked several questions which will help determine how we can best assist you. If we are not the appropriate provider for your project, we may be able to give you a referral.
  • During this call your project will be discussed and you’ll decide if the next step should be to set up an appointment.
  • If so, a “get acquainted” meeting and a more detailed discussion of your project will be scheduled at your home.
  • After the meeting, depending on your needs, an agreement for design and/or proposal preparation may be the next step.  With pre-construction work underway, your remodeling project is becoming a reality!

Once plans are drawn and approved, a thorough scope of work is developed, a firm cost and job schedule are prepared, and we’re ready to get to work! This step-by-step process ensures that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

  1. Client Folder: We will provide you with a folder which details what you can expect from start to finish, allows you to easily store project documents in one place, and includes a list of recommended do’s, don’ts and important tips that we’ve found helpful in ensuring a successful project.
  2. The Hand Off: We start with a pre-construction walk-through or “The Hand Off”, which is a crucial step for Barber Construction and for you. This Hand Off meeting is the time when the Project Development team hands your project to the Production Team. The Hand Off is the time that Barber Construction will address the management of your project. We will address important issues such as where to store tools, communication methods and other concerns. Barber Construction’s belief in excellent communication will assure that you will have as few surprises as possible once construction is underway.
  3. Change Orders: Any change to the scope of work, including additional work days needed, must be documented and approved in a change order. We don’t present surprise bills for extra work at the end of the project. We try to be as thorough as possible when putting our proposal together. Change orders are usually caused by one of three events: hidden conditions, building inspector requests, or client changes to the original proposal.
  4. Site Preparation & Protection: We will take measures to cover and protect areas of your home that adjoin the work area in order to keep them as dust and scratch free as possible throughout the project.
  5. Meetings: You’ll be interacting regularly with our site personnel, if not in person, through notes, phone calls or email. On most projects there will be a regular meetings set up between you and the production manager and/or lead carpenter. This creates the opportunity to discuss decisions to be made, unforeseen complications, and generally check in with each other regarding how things are going.
  6. The Final Stage: While the final finishes are being installed and painting takes place, you’ll begin to get excited about living in and using your brand new space!
  7. Job Clean Up: We keep the site as neat and clean as possible. We clean at the end of each work day, a substantial weekly cleaning and at the end of the job, the work area will be professionally cleaned.
  8. Project Completion & Follow Through: After your project is completed, we want you to rate us. We have a questionnaire that we’d like you to fill out, and we look forward to your written comments as well. Things rarely go perfectly in remodeling, so we want to know whether or not we handled the inevitable problems to your satisfaction. If we didn’t, we want to know where we slipped up so we can improve our performance for you and other clients in the future.

5-Point Promise