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5 Point Promise
5 Point Promise
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Our Story

Barber Construction was founded in 1985 by Tom Barber.  Growing up in the Roscommon-Higgins Lake area, Tom started his career in the building trades in Roscommon with a local builder named Lowell Karinen.  He worked for Lowell for several years before moving to Colorado.  While in Colorado, he honed his craft and was eventually supervising multi-million dollar condominium projects and custom homes which has given him valuable experience in scheduling, organization and construction techniques.

A retired plumbing contractor, Tom’s father wanted him to return to Roscommon and help develop his subdivision – and to “meet this girl.”  Tom met the girl (Wilma), returned to Roscommon and married the girl (best thing I’ve ever done.)

Together, Tom & Wilma have run Barber Construction since 1986.  Wilma and Tom have two daughters.

We build both new homes and remodel.  Barber Construction has specialized in remodeling homes since 1987.  Remodeling the older homes in  Crawford and Roscommon counties is challenging,  interesting and rewarding.   To remodel a home, whether a bathroom or a whole house, we find the process key to writing your story.  A story you will enjoy telling over and over.

For fun, Tom likes to bird hunt.  He has hunted in Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and Iowa.  He also likes to sail his windrider trimaran.

Our Mission:

To create relationships based on trust supported by superior service and products.  To maintain a profitable, prosperous corporation and provide a safe work environment for our clients, employees and other team members.

Our Values:

Ethical: To be an honorable and highly regarded company.
To be honest, have a professional behavior at all times and be morally responsible.

Relationships: To earn and maintain clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers trust.
Be dependable, do what we say.  Be reliable, on time and responsible.

Enthusiasm: To pursue work and play with zeal.
Have a “Can-Do” attitude, show willingness to go the extra mile and be involved in the community.

5-Point Promise